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Don't believe everything you hear. Read this short "ten myths article:

Ten Myths of IT Portfolio Management


A New Publication on Preparing and Giving Presentations -- With the Potential to Change Your Life

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IT Portfolio Management

Look Over Our Publication on IT Portfolio Management

This book is unique in that it brings together in one place all of the important pieces needed to tap the full potential of IT portfolio management. It shows what parts must be in place, how they fit together, and how they produce early, major cost savings and improvements in value creation.

IT research organizations point out that few organizations are close to tapping the full potential of IT portfolio management. This book shows how to tap that potential and achieve major improvements in cost savings and value creation. It explains important concepts that executives and others must understand so they will support and take full advantage of this tool. It shows how organizations can use IT portfolio management to achieve alignment, innovation, agility, and risk management objectives while increasing cash flow and customer satisfaction.

Business and government officials as well as educational courses in IT portfolio management can benefit from this book.

Business and Professional Presentations

Want to Improve Those Business and Professional Presentations?

We have another book that can help you do precisely that! The book is for anyone called upon to make a presentation, whether you are a business executive who must make a presentation at a national conference, a professional who must deliver a presentation at a professional meeting, or a college student who needs to make a presentation before the class.

It is called Step By Step Guide to Preparing Presentations. It is ultra practical and packed with tested, powerful practices that can be quickly put to good use. Click on the link above and take a look inside this book. Take advantage of the Internet Special Price.

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There is a WEB SPECIAL on This Book!

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any time.

There is a WEB SPECIAL on This Book!

Click Here to See Detailed Description and Web Special

Note: Special may end at any time.