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IT Investment Management Seminars

We offer custom-tailored seminars that focus on practical methods for IT investment management and control.

The seminars are tailored to the needs of the organization, whether it is just beginning to manage IT as an investment or reatively mature in IT investment management.

The seminars are ideal for members of IT Investment Review Boards and their staffs. The longer seminars (e.g., five days) provide opportunities for more comprehensive activities and discussions. They go into greater depth in areas of special concern to the organization. They are especially valuable for individuals and teams directly involved in developing investment criteria, developing performance measures, writing business cases, or engaged in process improvement activities.

A high-level one-day or two half-days program is often most suitable for executives, who often find it difficult to be away from work demands.

Examples of SeminarTopics

Here are examples of topics that can be included in seminars and courses. The first list includes topics appropriate for both private and public sector organizations. The second list gives examples of topics unique to federal agencies.

Topics Applicable to Any Organization

  • IT Portfolio Planning
  • IT Portfolio Management
  • IT Investment Management Process
  • Developing Investment Assessment Criteria
  • Developing Business Performance Measures
  • Aligning IT With Strategic Goals
  • Financial Principles of Investment Analysis
  • Measuring and Improving Financial ROI
  • IT Investment Risk Identification and Management
  • Preparing and Defending Business Cases
  • Performance-Based Management
  • Earned Value Management
  • Implementation Issues

    Topics Unique to Federal Agencies

  • IT Capital Planning and Investment Control (complying with the Clinger-Cohen Act)
  • Complying with other IT-Related Legislation and Implementing Policy (President's Management Agenda, A-11, A-130, etc.)

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