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Stop By Step Guide to Preparing Presentations doesn't just tell you how to prepare a successful presentation. It guides you through each step of the preparation process.

If you follow this guide, you will be confident that your presentation will be successful.

This book has sections on capturing your audience, preventing stagefright, using PowerPoint slides, using body language, using a technique that professionals use to give lengthy presentations without notes, and giving impromptu talks.

Preparing Presentations

Book Description

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  • Title: Preparing Outstanding Presentations: A Step By Step Guide
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  • Paperback: 176 pages
  • Publisher: IT Economics Corp.; 1st edition (Fall 2007)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN: 9780975964316
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About This Book

This book takes you step-by-step in the preparation of an actual presentation. It is ultra practical and packed with tested, powerful practices that can be quickly put to good use to make your presentation successful. It not only tells what to do but also shows you how to do it and then helps you do it so you will prepare a successful presentation.

Unhappy With Your Last Presentation?

You can make your next presentation one that makes you very happy because you did so well! There is no need to fret and worry over an upcoming presentation. You can do something about it now that could change your life. Just follow the step-by-step guidance in this book. It guides you in the preparation of a presentation that will impress the audience, achieve your objective, and actually be enjoyable for both you and your audience.

Using the Real Power of PowerPoint Slides?

PowerPoint slides can add much to your presentation if they are used right. Too often, they are not. Go to almost any conference and you will see examples of the poor use of slides that hurt if not doom a presentation.

Furtunately, there are ways to use PowerPoint slides to greatly enhance your presentation and even make it stand out from the others. This book shows you how. If you use PowerPoint slides or any other visual aids, you will welcome the valuable guidelines and techniques on how to use them with maximum effectiveness.

Connecting Emotionally With Your Audience?

Nothing captures the interest and involvement of the audience more than making an emotional connection with them. It has been demonstrated that when this occurs, they tend to like you as well as your presentation.

This book shows how anyone can make an emotional conection. There are subtle, effective ways to do so. You will find that you become more comfortable in your presentation because you will see that you are pleasing your audience. This book explains powerful techniques you can use to make a positive emotional connection. Doing so not only helps to convey your message but also makes the audience remember you and your presentation long after it is over.

Using the Power of Body Language?

The use of body language is not difficult to master. First, you need to understand positive as well as negative body language. You need to know what to use and what to avoid. A little practice and you will find that using effective body language can become almost automatic. This book gives you insights and specific recommendations on how to use body language to influence what the audience thinks and does. It also tells you what to avoid. If you haven't thought much about body language, you are in for some eye opening guidance that can help you in all of your future presentations.

Caught Off-Guard By a Request to Speak?

This happens often—and how well the person performs will either boost or retard the person’s career. One who performs well is typically viewed as a master of the subject and someone who can think fast on his feet. The ability to speak well on the spur of the moment impresses the audience, especially your employer. This book teaches you how to give successful, impromptu talks. It explains tested ways to prepare yourself for the unexpected, which can enable you to be successful when taken by surprise and asked to give a spur-of-the-moment talk. This is a very powerful ability that you can use in many settings—professional, social, educational, and others.

Want to Successfully Speak Without Notes?

There is a technique that experienced professionals use that enables them to do so. It gives you a new freedom--from notes, from the lectern or podium—that lets you focus more on the audience and your interactions with them. Speaking without notes causes the audience to view you as an expert in the subject. This is a valuable image that can help in business and other activities. With this book, you will discover the methods that professionals use to give lengthy presentations without notes. They are methods that you can adopt to reap many valuable benefits.

Who This Book is For

This book is for anyone called upon to make a presentation, whether it is a business executive who must make a presentation at an important conference or a college student who needs to make a presentation before the class.

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