Tap the full potential of IT Portfolio Management


ring together all of the important pieces needed to tap the full potential of IT portfolio management. This book shows what parts must be in place, how they fit together, and how they produce early, major cost savings and improvements in value creation.

IT research organizations point out that few organizations are close to tapping the full potential of IT portfolio management. Learn the important concepts that executives and others must understand to achieve alignment, innovation, agility, and risk management objectives while increasing cash flow and customer satisfaction.

Business executives, IT professionals, and government officials can benefit from this book.

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This book provides CIOs and IT Professionals:

Introduction to Portfolio Management

Framework for IT Investment Management

Methodology how to Evaluate and Select IT Investments

Techniqes to Develop Critical Portfolio Content

Tools to Analyze and Balance your Portfolio

Guidance how to Excel at Enterprise Performance Management

10 Myths

Why do organizations spend much money on IT portfolio management and then miss out on its major benefits? Maybe some of the common myths are getting in the way.

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Earned Value Mgmt

EVM integrates technical performance requirements, resource planning, and schedules, while taking risk into consideration.

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Computing ROI

Organizations need to standardize on how ROI is calculated if they wish to correctly compute ROI and be able to compare the ROIs of competing projects and systems.

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IT Acquisition

Organizations vary in the specific activities they employ before and after soliciting proposals from potential contractors for IT-related services.

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